Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well, what can we say...

We spent the whole weekend filming and everything turned out greeeeat!!! Even if we did pull a 21 hour shooting day on Saturday and we got NO sleep, we're incredibly happy with the way everything turned out. It was nice to get back to true guerilla style filmmaking and we had the help of friends and family...

We just want to say thanks to the following people:

Rob Givens - for loaning us his camera (we LOVE you!!!!)
Ethan Silverman - for loaning us the best location ever AND for putting up with our crew and all our extras for the longest night of filming ever!!!
Ian Sherrington - for running around with us and being a kick ass DP (and for the lighting kit!)
Olivia Ramo - for showing up in between and after shifts to act for us.
Cherrae Stuart - for being the best, most supportive (and gorgeous) friend/actor we know!!!
Ian Bloom - for the extras lights
Drew Coombs - for driving all that way to play the best Cooch ever!!!
Phil & Justin - for stepping in when we needed you most!
Vickie Hannah - for stepping up and playing Marlene for us again
Mr. Wayne Crawford - ;) just thank you... We loved you for Valley Girl. We love you even more now ;)

From here, we'll be catching up on e-mail, sending out the shirts/undies, cutting the trailer and the interviews (COMING SOON!!!), doing more print interviews and just trying to survive on less than 5 hours of sleep each night! ;)

Side note: Thanks to whomever it was that announced heroine films at the ashevile drag show last week. We heard about it, but don't know how it happened!!

Also, look for the gladdest thing trailer at the next Drag it in, Drag it out show in Durham (hopefully)! We're working on it...

You all have been soooo supportive and it was so amazing to get the sweet e-mails while we were doing the hard days of the shoot. It kept us moving!

love you all! More later...
xox the gals at heroine films