Wednesday, March 09, 2005

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Hi All, from Heroine Films...


As a lot of you know, we've finally released our “teaser” trailer for your viewing pleasure!
By the end of next week we will have a new “PROMO” trailer up and are looking forward to your responses. This new promo trailer will be used to entice Investors/Production Companies/Distributors. We'd love your feedback, so please check back at: for updates.

We will send notification upon launch.

Some specs on the trailer:
All Equipment, time, cast and crew donated their services/hours to us. We filmed it in three days over the weekend of 2/18 in Winston - Salem, NC & Chapel Hill, NC. Check out Wayne Crawford from the film Valley Girl! and of course Ms. Amanda (who is absolutely amazing in the trailer!)...

Thanks to all, for your love and support over the past few weeks. We so appreciate it. You all got us through our (21-30 hour) days!

So if we can pull this off with NO MONEY, imagine what we can do when we have a production budget!!

It's crunch time for us now. We're trying to build a base of support and donations to approach distributors and we need your help!

Please continue spreading the word. We're trying to get some articles about Heroine Films published and visibility is key at this point. The distributors want to see that we have support from the community. So please keep dropping by the website and telling your friends/family about us. It's WORKING!!! We reached over 10,000 hits this week and are continually amazed at the support we've been receiving!

We're adding this special LINK on our main page to recognize those of you who have gone above and beyond for us. We so appreciate you and would like to say thanks.
This week's HERO/INE is Melanie Wall @ Bread n Butter Screenprinting. Melanie has been a tireless supporter of Heroine Films and she's the one that makes our wonderful gear! We love you, Mel!

Some pictures of our hero/ines sporting our gear have come in and we've posted them.
We've also begun posting the LiveJournal Comments in our letter from our hero/ines. We'll be getting to the MYSPACE comments in the coming weeks as well. Check it out, especially if you've supported us from LiveJournal, you may see your name there!

Heroine Films has a new edition!!!! We welcome Cherrae Stuart to the team! Cherrae is an amazingly talented, strong, kick ass womyn and she will be joining us this week! Look for Cherrae's Bio & Pics this week!

We also added some on set shots of your Heroines in action here...Check us out. We may look tired, but we're keeping on!

The Heroines will be showing the trailer to small audiences in the coming weeks. First we're hoping to get in to the next CUNTRY KINGS show in Durham, NC on March 12, 2005 (this weekend). DRAG IT IN, DRAG IT OUT - This event happens the second Saturday of every month. It's a community oriented show, where YOU can sign up to perform (drag/genderqueer performance, music, spokenword/poetry, dance, et cetera). Please bring your music in CD or vinyl format. Sign up between 9:30-10:15. Doors open at 9:30, show starts at approximately 10:30. Dance party with DJ Mothersbrothers post show. Cost is $3, $4 or $5 (sliding scale). Shows are non smoking, however, smoking post performance is OK. All of the shows are at the Basement on 1102 Broad Street in Durham, NC. WWW.CUNTRYKINGS.COM

The second show - An art Show taking place at The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill on April 1, 2005. This show will focus on Womyn in Art. More details will be available in the coming week.

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, we've moved things around a bit. Please excuse us while we're revamping. We're just trying to make it easier to navigate!

******** WRITERS WANTED!!!!
We're desperately trying to get the story of heroine films into publication. The gals are putting together some articles, but obviously we'd love for people outside of the company to write about us! ;) Anyone who's interested in possibly writing/interviewing the heroines for submission to Curve Magazine, Girlfriends, Bitch, etc. (these are just suggestions), please let us know!

- We will release excerpts from the script
- We've got interviews with heroine films coming
- March is Womyn's Month! We'll be celebrating!!! You should too!


Any questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to e-mail us at

love you all!

xoxo the gals at heroine films

heroine films
phone: 919.593.6962

Check out the new and improved website at:


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