Sunday, March 27, 2005


Well, here's a lil' update for you all:

It's been hectic, but of the good variety...

Curve Magazine called...they may be interested in doing an article. On the same note the Head of the Writer's Network in NC wants to do an article about Heroine Films (possibly for curve)!!! This is big! You may just see Heroines in the press pretty soon! So anyone who wants to drop a note to Curve ( and tell them you'd like to see an article about Heroine Films, that'd be greatly appreciated!!! wink wink - nudge nudge

We're getting A LOT of amazing feedback on the new Promo Trailer and we so appreciate the support! Thanks all!

We'll be doing the Womyn's Art Show at UNC - Chapel Hill on 4/1. Stop by to meet the heroines and see the trailers. More info. available as we get it in...

We'll be meeting with a glbtq producer/distributor next week sometime to discuss the project. When we have more info. we'll let you know. But we're really excited about the opportunity!

Mel at Bread & Butter put together the most amazing letter for us to approach GLBTQ owned businesses for their support, so if you know anyone who would be interested in investing, let us know!!!

On a side note: the Heroines will be working on the up-and-coming studio feature, the Dog Days of Summer in July, so we're going into prep on that as I write this. YAY!

We've approached some big names this week: Showtime, Fine Line and Wolfe Video to name a few, so keep your fingers crossed!

I think that's all for now!

Hope everyone's well! Will check in soon!

xox M & the gals


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