Saturday, March 05, 2005



The response to the trailer has been overwhelming. We reallya appreciate everyone's amazing support! We've had some great feedback and it seems people really want to see our lil' movie ;)
So...we're cutting a longer more detailed "promo" trailer which we will release in the coming weeks. This Promo, which we will then include with our business/production plan, and will be used to approach distributors will be similar to the "teaser", but will deal with the story more.


In order for us to convince the distributors that we have a film that a lot of people want to see, we have to show them numbers and responses and donations firgures. We've received so many over the past month, but we need more! Not to sound like blogger whores, but WE NEED YOU!
We need hits on the site and more letters/e-mails. So many of you have stepped up and been so supportive, some of you on a daily basis (Jessaustin, Ali, Kaite, Beth)...and we so appreciate the constant support. What we need is for everyone to tell all their friends and family what we're doing.
So...look for updates! We're continually changing/adding to the site and trying to make it as user friendly as hit us up with feedback if you have it.
Thanks again everyone. We love you and appreciate the support!

xox the gals at heroine films


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