Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Well, what can we say...the Cuntry Kings Show went well. We lost our audio, but the 200+ crowd of queer folk loved the trailer!! Yay! It was nerve wracking and exciting to finally show it to a live audience.

We're cutting together the promo (a longer version) of the trailer this week and we'll be launching it early next week, so check back for that. We're also going to be releasing pages from the script in the coming weeks and have updated quite a bit on the site as we've brought cherrae stuart on the team! Cherrae, you rock!

All is well in heroine land and your support is still so amazing! Thank you so much, all. check out the updates, help us spread the word!!! We start approaching distributors/Production Companies next week and we need all the support/#s we can get!


xoxo the gals at heroine films


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