Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Heroine Films - bi-monthly update!

HERO/INE OF THE WEEK - This week's hero/ine is the one and only WAYNE CRAWFORD! Wayne is an amazingly talented actor/director/producer and took the time out of his busy schedule to help out us in the filming of the trailer! We just wanted to say thanks... You're the best Wayne!

PRESS & PACKAGES - If you missed it in the last update, the DTH did an amazing article on the Heroines and you can read the article here - DTH - Heroine Chic.

We've been working overtime to get press kits/Production Packages out. So far, we have one with Ellen Degeneres, Frontier Media, Wolfe Video and we're still pushing to get in touch with Ms. Rosie O'Donnell's agent to see if we might get the script to her for consideration as one of the leads - Main character, Kate's mom - Marlene.

High up on the list as well is - Guinevere Turner - You all know Guin from Go Fish, American Psycho and most recently, the L WORD. The Heroines have sent off a query to Ms. Turner's agent and are awaiting their reply.

We've also just submitted to the Sundance Institute's Writer's/Director's Lab, so keep your fingers crossed on that one!

LIVE SHOWS - The heroines will be speaking and show the trailer all weekend at the UNC Variety Show - at the Caberet in the Student Union, April 22-24. Check us out and stop by to chat! We'd love to see you there!

GEAR - We're still waiting to see your MUGS. Send us pics in your heroine gear!!! We'll put you on the site!!!

That's all for now folks!

We really appreciate all the support we've been means the world to us. Keep it coming!

xoxo the gals at heroine films