Sunday, April 03, 2005

pics n' press

Quick update:

The heroines attended the Women's Word/Women's Voices event at UNC- Chapel Hill and had an amazing time watching the other artists perform and promoting their trailer. Thanks to all who donated for shirts and the overwhelming response to the project. We were absolutely touched and loved being involved. You're all fabulous!!!

Thanks so much, Claire!!

Look for the Heroines on the cover of the Arts & Entertainment Section of the Daily Tarheel (hopefully next week)!

We've sent out our promo packet to some big “names” this week. So check back and often for updates on that!!

Specifically, we're trying to get in touch with Guinevere Turner for casting. If anyone knows the best way to get in touch, please e-mail mel at:

We've got new pics (headshots) up on the website!!! Let us know what you think! Also as we get press and event pics in, we'll be posting!

That's all for now...

Hope you're all well!
Xoxo the gals at heroine films