Saturday, May 21, 2005

CURVE MAGAZINE, we heart ethan silverman and the Heroines make their TV debut?

Heroine Films - bi-monthly update!

The Executive Editor of CURVE MAGAZINE has gotten in contact with the Heroines and has expressed interest in doing a story on our project. Diane Anderson-Minshall, the EE went a step further for us as well...she just took the Gladdest Thing trailer and our pitch to Curve Magazine's 15th Anniversary Fest at the Portland GLBT Film Fest and is pitching it for us THIS WEEKEND!!! We're shocked, amazed and can't wait to hear about what's happening. We'll update you all on the article for Curve as soon as we have more info.

And here at home...NC's Second Cinema is a television show that was created to showcase Independent Film & Video from Producers in the Triad region of NC. Second Cinema has contacted the Heroines to request an interview and will show the trailer and the interview on their show which will run for the entire month of JULY!!! We'll hopefully be able to broadcast a copy on the website, so that our peeps outside of NC can see it as well. We're pretty excited and Second Cinema has been amazing thus far. Check out their website for more info. on times and channels.

ALSO - The Heroines will be attending the MELISSA FERRICK concert here in Carrboro, NC on May 26 at Cat's Cradle. We'll be in our Heroine T's,so stop by and say hey. And support an amazing artist --- Melissa Ferrick!!!

In case anyone missed it, we also had an article in the Chapel Hill News. Check it out in our IN THE NEWS SECTION on the website.

You may recognize our latest & sexiest Hero/ine of the Week, Ethan Silverman from our trailer...Ethan is a wonderful actor from NC...He not only hooked us up with our biggest location for the shoot, he also put his gorgeous mug on memorex for us and now girls all over the world are swooning ;) We love you, Eth...and tell your mom thanks for the amazing donation!!!

Unfortunately we're not able to say who, but we wanted you all to know that at this point in time, a Creative Executive for a major Cable Network has expressed interest in the The Gladdest Thing Project. She is reading the script and looking over our Production Plan as I write this.

On the same note, an amazing actress, whom Mel originally wrote a part for has just gotten in contact with the Heroines and has agreed to read the script. Keep your fingers crossed on this would make our year if she likes the script...

The Heroines are going into Pre-Production on another feature that is being shot in August. Amanda will be acting in the film, Mel is Line Producing and Alex is Production Manager on the show, which is called The Dog Days of Summer, a Tamiami and Film Foundry Production. The feature already has domestic & foreign Distribution and Theatrical Release. So you'll be able to see us up on the big screen sometime next year (or in Blockbuster) ;) We'll still be updating and working on Heroine Films stuff, but will be a little less present for a couple of months...Write to us though...we love talking to you all...

The Heroines have worked out a deal with Mel Wall, our amazing screenprinter, for new shirts and a new logo. Thanks to an amazing donation by VICKIE HANNAH, we're able to get a new logo and new style. So we'll report back as soon as we have the new gear in. We still need pics of you in your gear to post, so send them to INQUIRIES@HEROINEFILMS.NET!

Send your congrats to the Heroines...Amanda just graduated from The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill last week and Alex just finished up at the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking. And Mel...send your congrats for when she's able to quit her day job ;) And watch out world, cause' the Heroines just got some edjumacation... ;)

That's all for now, lovely Hero/ines...Hit us up anytime.

Thanks so much for your support!! We love you all...
xoxo the gals at heroine films

heroine films
phone: 919.593.6962


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