Thursday, May 12, 2005

First off, thanks to everyone who commented about the PHELPS Protest. It's good to see everyone putting their two cents in.

Second - CURVE MAGAZINE IS DOING A PIECE ON HEROINE FILMS!!!!! Also, Ms. Diane Anderson-Minshall, Curve's Executive Editor is taking the Heroine Films Trailer and Promotions to the Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival which is honoring Curve's 15th Anniversary!!!! We are floored, quite frankly.

Third - SECOND CINEMA is showing the Trailer and will interview the Heroines. The interview and trailer will be aired and broadcast for the entire month of July. We'll try to have it up on the site for those of you who are not in NC. For those of you in NC, we'll post times/channel as soon as we have them!

Also, there's a very special someone reading our script as I write this and we're pretty excited about it. Wish I could share details, but that would be assy of me ;)

Stop by and say hi!
We love you all!
xox the gals at heroine films


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